Frequently Asked Questions

This is our help page, below you can find a list of the most frequently asked questions:

  1. What is your Acceptable Use Policy?
  2. How does your Spam Filter work?
  3. For which languages do you offer syntax highlighting?

What is your Acceptable Use Policy?

Broadly speaking, the site was created to help programmers. Any paste or usage pattern not related to that goal which results in unusually high traffic will be flagged for investigation. Your paste may be deleted and your IP blocked. In particular, please do not paste email lists, password lists or personal information. The "report abuse" feature can be used to flag such pastes and they will be deleted. Do not aggressively spider the site. Exceptions can be arranged, contact us to discuss. If you can access from one location, but not another, it's likely your IP address has been blocked for violating this policy. Get in touch and the block can be lifted.

Please do NOT post:
- email lists
- login details
- stolen source code
- password lists
- personal information / data
- pornographic information / data
- spam links
- Illegal content

If you do not comply with our Acceptable Use Policy we might ban your IP address from the website. Also, your IP address might be shared with authorities.

How does your Spam Filter work?

PasteBucket uses an automated spam protection system that will sometimes display a captcha request after you have tried to create a new paste. When you get a captcha request, you have 5 minutes to enter a valid response. If you don't validate your paste within 10 minutes, we will automatically remove it.

Various things can trigger this captcha spam protection.
Few examples are:

  • trying to create a certain amount of new pastes in a short period of time. (flooding)
  • trying to create pastes with links in it.
  • trying to create pastes with 'suspicious' keywords in it.
  • trying to create pastes with porn related keywords in it.
There are various levels of spam protection. Anonymous guests, free members and PRO users all have different spam detection levels. Being a PRO member will allow you to post _almost_ anything without the automatic spam protection being activated.

For which languages do you offer syntax highlighting?

Plain text | C# | HTML | Javascript | PHP | SQL | VB | XML | XSL | Java | C++ | Python | AppleScript | ActionScript 3 | Bash / Shell | Coldfusion | Delphi | Pascal | Groovy | Perl | Powershell | Ruby | Scala | C | APL | Asterisk | Clojure | CoffeeScript | Common Lisp | CSS | D | diff | ECL | Erlang | GitHub Flavored Markdown | Go | Haskell | Haxe | ASP.NET | Embedded Javascript | JavaServer Pages | HTTP | JSON | TypeScript | Jinja2 | LESS | Lua | Markdown (GitHub-flavour) | NTriples | OCaml | PHP (HTML) | Pig | Properties files | R | reStructuredText | Rust | Sass | Scheme | Shell | Sieve | Smalltalk | Smarty | SPARQL | MySQL | MariaDB | PL/SQL | sTeX | LaTeX | TiddlyWiki | Tiki wiki | VB.NET | VBScript | Velocity | Verilog | XQuery | YAML | Z80 |

We use CodeMirror for our syntax highlighting.