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The main purpose of this site is to simplify the process of sharing text with other users accross the internet.
We want to accomplish this by giving users a simple to use tool that lets them publish their text quickly and also give them functionality such as syntax highlighting that makes it easier read code.

As we use this site in our own daily work we are always thinking of new things we want to add and considering how we can make what we have easier to use. If you want to follow our development you can check out our section over at BitBucket where we register and prioritize all things relating to the development of PasteBucket.com.

Keeping the site simple to use and yet providing all the functionality that is needed is a difficult task, because of this the site will be almost always be in a state of change, but we always do our best to keep your posts available to you.
The domain pastebucket.com was registered in November 2010 and development of the site started in early 2011.
It has been in more or less active development since then.